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I spent the summer and fall of 2008 in Ottawa, but the most memorable parts of my stay took place on the other side of the river. To improve my French, I joined a rugby team in Gatineau and learned that many of my new teammates were in similar situations. Some were anglophones from across the […]

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Franco-Ontarienne née à Sudbury et ayant grandi à Toronto, je n’ai pris connaissance de la St-Jean qu’une fois jeune adulte. Faut dire que mes parents n’étaient pas très fêtards… Mais une fois partie, j’ai appris à associer la célébration aux bons temps qui roulent. Mon éveil culturel a commencé vers l’âge de 15 ans. J’ai découvert Harmonium, […]

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Drapeau Carillon Sacré-Coeur: A Carillon flag waved by people on Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day from its creation in 1902 until 1948. The current Flag of Quebec is based on this design, and was adopted in 1948. (Creative Commons)

Every year, French Canadians celebrate their cultural pride and heritage through parades and parties on June 24 marking, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day. These festivities combine the ancient rites of the summer solstice with traditional celebrations in honour of the Patron Saint of French Canadians, Saint John the Baptist. How did Saint John come to be the patron saint of French Canada? The Canadian Encyclopedia offers some clues:

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