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The Queen begins a year of celebrations marking her diamond jubilee. On February 6, 1952, King George VI died in his sleep at Sandringham. His daughter Princess Elizabeth was declared Queen Elizabeth II. Since then, Queen Elizabeth has been England’s oldest monarch and the second-longest reigning sovereign in British history. Celebrations marking the event will centre around the extended weekend of June 2 (the anniversary of the Queens’ coronation) through to June 5.

Official Diamond Jubilee Portrait

Official portrait of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh taken in the Centre Room at Buckingham Palace in December 2011 © Royal Household/John Swannell

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Primary Loyalties

Stephen Harper restored the “Royal” in Royal Canadian Air Force and Royal Canadian Navy. He had no need to in the case of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Royal Mint. In the case of the military changes, who can say if it’s a good or a bad idea? It draws attention to Canada’s heritage.  It will cost millions in terms of simple things like changes in stationery.

However, constitutionally ill-informed critics have had a field day. “Harper is re-colonializing Canada.” “Canadians are becoming subordinate to the Queen of England.”

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