Music Mondays

On August 22, 1964, The Beatles played their first Canadian concert in Vancouver to a packed crowd of 20,621 screaming fans. Pandemonium ensued: fans rushed the stage, security ran amok, and several girls were trampled. Jeanie Jones, 12-years-old at the time, remembers chasing The Beatles’ limo, catching a smile from Paul McCartney, and the¬†injured¬†teenaged girls being wrapped up by nurses.

Everyone has heard about the girls who screamed, cried, fainted, and vomited when the Beatles came to Vancouver. There are interview transcripts, videos, and photographs of the Fab Four’s visit. But a little known fact is that security had planted a rumor that The Beatles would not be travelling by car to Empire Stadium, but would instead land near the stage via helicopter! Everyone believed it, including my friend Barb and I (both of us 12, going into grade 8), who had pleaded with our parents until they caved in and let us buy tickets to the concert. I remember that our tickets were $15.00, close to the front, and in Section Q.

The Beatles Ticket

A ticket to The Beatles' 1964 show in Vancouver

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