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This week, de Havilland’s Mosquito buzzes once more, Molson makes us question our national identity, and we consider whether Leonard Cohen looks good as Al Pacino.


Pathfinder Mosquitos flew at low altitudes, visually identifying their targets and marking them.

de Havilland Canada‘s legacy lies in creating aircraft that are essentially Canadian – weatherproof, utilitarian and beautiful in a rugged way. Their planes are built to battle through Canada’s severe elements, but have also proven durable in all climates of the globe, essentially being Canada’s global ambassadors of the sky. de Havilland Canada has proven to the world that when you build aircraft to defeat Canada’s wilderness, you’ve created aircraft capable of defeating any spot on the globe. It rekindles the legends of the first pilots – adventurers, daredevils, fearless heroes – in anyone buzzing over land, water, sand and ice in de Havilland’s ┬ávery Canadian wings.
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