sir john a macdonald
Sir John A. Macdonald

sir John A. Macdonald: Une «fripouille» indispensable est à peu près la perception qu’avaient de nombreux Canadiens de John A. Macdonald

Lorsqu’une délégation de Canadiens se rend à Washington en 1887 pour négocier un traité avec les États-Unis, leurs hôtes les invitent à faire une promenade en bateau sur le Potomac. Arrivé plus tôt, un des délégués canadiens entame une conversation avec une dame en attendant ses collègues. C’est la femme d’un sénateur américain.

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macdonald-sir john a

January 11, Sir John A. Macdonald’s birthday, is an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate Macdonald’s vision of unity and a North American destiny independent of the United States.

John A. Macdonald

Poster published by the Industrial League to appeal to the old ways on which Macdonald built the power of the Conservative Party (courtesy Library and Archives Canada/C-6536).

Tonight, get ready for the premiere of John A: Birth of a Country, airing on CBC Television. The two-hour political thriller follows the fight for power between charismatic Conservative leader John A. Macdonald and his opponent George Brown, leader of the future Liberal Party and founder of the Globe and Mail newspaper. Covering the years between1856 and1864, John A. shows both men spurred into action by intense hatred towards one another and wildly different visions for Canada.

As the English in Upper Canada (Ontario) are pitted against the French in Lower Canada (Quebec), the country threatens to crumble under the watchful, covetous eyes of the United States, who fancy annexing Canada’s northern land. England, meanwhile, has no desire to fight for Canada. During this tumultuous time, two men – John A. Macdonald and George Brown – butt heads as they fight to control Canada’s future.

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