The Encyclopedia of Music in Canada

The Encyclopedia of Music in Canada

I did not meet Pat until she began coming regularly to the Music Division at the then National Library of Canada (now Library and Archives Canada) in the late 1970s. After the first edition of the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada (EMC) had been put to bed, work on the second edition began almost immediately and Pat’s efficiency and enthusiasm, not to mention her “eagle eye” for typos or inconsistencies, were great assets to the existing team.

She worked principally with the so-called ephemeral materials such as information files and concert programmes and many of the invaluable card indexes begun by Helmut Kallmann, founder of the Music Division in 1970 and co-editor of the EMC. She made the standardization of subject headings for such files and indexes her particular mission. To that end, she worked closely with Florence Hayes, the Division’s documentalist, passing on her well-established methodology for choosing the “right” term and providing sufficient cross-indexing for the infinite benefit of future researchers. She was so friendly and positive and appreciative of our resources that we all looked forward to her visits.

Gradually, over coffees and lunches in the cafeteria, we became friends, exchanging bits of information on our personal lives and interests. I learned how very rich was her involvement with the musical and literary life of Toronto and how very proud she was of her boys. We kept in touch sporadically after her work at the Library came to an end and even after my retirement in 1995. I last spoke with her on her birthday in September when she admitted to missing Toronto and all her many activities there. But, typically, she also said she was very grateful for the library in nearby Campbellford. I shall always remember Pat with appreciation and affection.

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Maria Calderisi is a music librarian. In 1973 she joined the Music Division of the National Library of Canada and became the head of its printed collection in 1976. Her McGill thesis, on the beginnings of music printing and publishing in Ontario and Quebec, was revised and published as Music Publishing in the Canadas 1800-1867/L'Édition musicale au Canada 1800-1867 (Ottawa 1981). She was responsible for the NL of C exhibition 'Percy A. Scholes 1877-1958' in 1977. Calderisi has been president 1976-8 of CAML and 1986-9 of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres. She has been a delegate to or committee member of library organizations such as the Music Library Association, the International Federation of Library Associations and the Canadian Music Centre. She has contributed articles to musical and bibliographical journals and to the Encyclopedia of Music in Canada. Her husband, Nikolas Bryce, is librarian of the NACO.

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