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Who says time travel is impossible? The Canadian Encyclopedia, a program of the Historica-Dominion Institute, is pleased to take you on a trip through time in its second free app in its “Cities in Time” series, Toronto in Time.

Toronto in Time app

Left: A list of stories. Right: A map locates stories closest to you.

The mobile app for iOS and Android provides a gateway to Toronto’s past and compares it to the present to show its contemporary relevance. The stories of the city not only tell Toronto’s history, but explore the tensions between past and present, which is revealed by what we choose to keep—or dismantle—of our physical history.

Toronto in Time App

Then: St. Michael’s Choir School, 66 Bond Street Toronto, 1920 (public domain). Now: St Michael’s Choir School, 2012 (photo © 2012 by James Marsh).

The app series was conceived by James Marsh, editor in chief of The Canadian Encyclopedia, and created by the encyclopedia’s editorial team, consultants at Heritage Toronto, and the City of Toronto. Together, they curated a list of stories, themes, and trails, researched images, and staged photo-shoots around the city. The design and development of the “Cities in Time” apps are by 7th Floor Media from Simon Fraser University. Mr. Marsh notes his inspiration as the stories that can be found “in street corners, and in parks, and old storefronts, the history that is hidden or just unknown by the average person.”

If you don’t have a mobile device, you can still enjoy the app’s content on its accompanying website.

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  1. This is so neat! I don’t have a smartphone or anything like that, but I’ve been on the website for the past hour, reading stories and chuckling. I’d love to show this to my class. If I can get a hold of an iPad, will the app work on it?

  2. Laura Bonikowsky

    It will indeed run on an iPad! Your students will love the “then and now” photo feature is–the past gives way to the future as one photo dissolves into another. So glad you enjoy the stories!


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