Ken Babstock

Internationally renowned poet Ken Babstock has had his work translated into several languages and he has participated in numerous poetry festivals throughout the world (photo by Danielle Schaub).

Congratulations to Ken Babstock , who last evening won the 2012 Griffin Poetry Prize for a Canadian poet, for his fourth collection, Methodist Hatchet. Babstock was in the running with much-respected poets Jan Zwicky (for Forge, and whose Songs for Relinquishing the Earth won the 1999 Governor General’s Literary Award for poetry) and Phil Hall (for Killdeer, which won the 2011 Governor General’s Literary Award for poetry).

Selected words used to describe Babstock and Methodist Hatchet: “jolting” “space between” “rattle” “stillness” “to find the world again.” “this guy’s one ferocious logophile.”

In my callow youth, I once shared a tavern table with Babstock and Adam Sol, and talked about poetry. There was a motorcycle half-deconstructed on the stage behind us. It was a great moment for me, even if the rest of the universe was indifferent. Ken Babstock deserves every accolade in the dictionary.

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