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Gibralter Point Lighthouse, 2012 (photo by James Marsh).
Gibraltar Lighthouse Door

The mysterious disappearance of the first keeper, J.P. Rademuller, in 1815 has given rise to the lighthouse’s reputation as a haunted building (photo by James Marsh).

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Legend has it that on the night of January 2, 1815, soldiers from Fort York went to the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse to buy beer smuggled from the US by the lighthouse keeper. But the keeper refused to sell, and the furious soldiers chopped him to pieces with an axe and buried the grisly bits to hide their crime. For two centuries, the keeper’s poor spirit has roamed the lighthouse.

There’s truth behind the tale. The lighthouse’s first keeper, J.P. Rademuller, mysteriously disappeared in 1815, and part of a human skeleton was later found nearby. But no soldiers were ever convicted, and the family that tended the lighthouse for 150 years declared as late as 1958 that they had never seen a ghost.

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